My Blog: University Package Status Update

13 May 2020

A short update on the status of the project.

Working from home as a result of the COVID-19 lock-down has given me back two and a half hours a day that would normally be spent commuting between Bath and Bristol. This in turn has given me an opportunity to progress work on the University Package, as well as take up cycling again.

I've decided to prioritise the core functions related to courses, subjects, modules, people, locations, and news, over wider planning and documentation work. Below is a list of the Demo Site areas that are now functional, if not totally complete:

I've not yet worked out how (or indeed if) to display related content from Campaigns, Collections, Case Studies and Projects on the Course or Subject pages. This will probably follow once I've completed those functions and areas of the website.

My next step is to complete the documentation related to the completed functions and to progress to a Minimum Viable Product that I can release as an alpha.

GIT Updates

I've also decided to move my GIT repository from BitBucket over to a private GitHub. This is mostly because I wanted a robust issue tracker for when I make the project public, and the basic one Atlassian provides was a bit too basic. I'll also get a nice collection of metrics and tools on GitHub that will enable me to track usage by the community.

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