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Fixing Bugs with Upgrades0

19 December 2018

Christmas nears and this gives me a bit of free time to return to my own project work. First up is to squash a particularly borthersome bug in the C1 CMS.

Recovering from Catastrophe or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Disk Failures0

15 June 2018

I don’t have much luck with hard drives. Usually it involves buying one that ends up being too small for the number of files I create. Recently, it’s been disk or disk-related operating system failures. Either way, it puts the kibosh on developing software.

It's Oh, So Quite0

14 August 2017

Sometimes you need to take a break from projects. Something else comes up, and personal projects get put on hold. In my case, it's a short-term contract at the University of Bristol… one that could lead onto a longer duration post.

Reducing CMS Choices0

02 October 2016

Picking the right CMS for a project can be tricky. This is my method for narrowing down the possibilities.

Welcome to Bailey Web & Digital

01 October 2016

A new start, a new project, a great new opportunity.