My Projects & Portfolio

My expertise centres around integrating website designs with Content Management Systems, particularly Orckestra C1 CMS Foundation (formally Composite C1, an open-source .NET based CMS), but I have also worked with Orchard and TerminalFour CMSs. Please contact me if you'd like help or advice in this regard.

University Package Project

The University Package includes almost everything you need to use Orckestra C1 CMS Foundation within your institution. It has been designed to work for Further Education (FE) colleges, Higher Education (HE) institutions, and Universities. I'm going to document the development of this project on my blog.

Orckestra C1 CMS Add-On Packages

While developing the University Package, I created some datatypes and functions that I realised could be of use to other projects, not just my own. I therefore decided to release them under an open source licence:

The DocSite

Provides a framework for a minimal non-server-based documentation website that can be stored offline.