BaileyWeb.Honorifics Package for Orckestra C1 CMS Foundation

The Honorifics Package contains a datatype that stores a list of honorifics titles (Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Mx, Dr, etc.). You can use it to populate drop-down fields in your own datatypes, either by data references, or using selectors (using the C# Function - see the BaileyWeb.HonorificsDemo datatype for an example).

This package is open source, licensed under the Mozilla Public License (Version 1.1).

Version: 1.0.0

Installing the Package

If you haven't already done so, you'll need to Add the BaileyWeb Package Source to your installation of Orckestra C1 CMS (Composite C1).

Launch the console and log-in with an account that has admin privileges.

Once the console has loaded, navigate to the System perspective.

Expand the Packages tree folder, then expand the Available Packages folder.

Expand the BaileyWeb folder and select the BaileyWeb.Honorifcs package.

Click the Install button.or right-click the package icon and select it from the contextual menu:

Agree to the license and click the Next button:

Allow the package to download by clicking the Next button:

Once downloaded and validated, click the Next button to install:

Once you see the dialogue confirming the installation, you can click the Finish button:

Wait a moment for the Honorifics tab to load. You can return to this page by clicking the Read More button:

You have now installed the BaileyWeb.Honorifics add-on!


There are the datatypes used by the package:

These are the localisation resources used by the package:

These are the functions used by the package:

Function: Description:
BaileyWeb.Data.GetAllHonorificsListDictionary Produces a custom dictionary<guid,string> list of honorifics.
BaileyWeb.Data.GetSelectedHonorificsListDictionary Produces a custom dictionary<guid,string> list of honorifics where the Display value is true.
BaileyWeb.Honorifics.ShowAllHonorificsTable Produces a table showing all honorifics.
BaileyWeb.Honorifics.ShowSelectedHonorificsTable Produces a table showing selected honorifics.